Many times, even when you have an agreement or court order directing your spouse or former spouse to do something such as pay support, pay attorney’s fees, allow you timesharing with your child(ren), etc., and whether temporary or pursuant to a final judgment of dissolution of marriage, such spouse or former spouse does not comply.  In such event, the non-delinquent or non-defaulting party has a right of enforcement against the delinquent and defaulting party.  Depending upon the particular default involved, you may or may not have a right to seek contempt of court against the defaulting party.  Even without contempt, you may have other remedies available to enforce the particular obligation, right, entitlement, issue or matter involved.  Moreover, with regard to contempt issues and matters, the applicable rule allows the court to award the non-defaulting party all of his or her reasonable attorney’s fees and costs against the defaulting and delinquent party.

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